HOA Annual Meeting Minutes : 2014

Haverhill Home Owners Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
June 25th, 2014
1990 Eagle Crest

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm.

Members in attendance, 6 homes represented:
Susan Wood, Ruth Centofante, Ron & Nikki Dilbeck, Chris & Kirsten Kendall, Will & Linda Parker, Ron & Anne Cunningham

June 26, 2013 minutes and treasurer’s report were read and approved.


Board Position Available − Susan Wood will be stepping down (moving) as chairperson. Karen Bailey volunteered to take over the position as chair. Chris Kendall volunteered to head up a landscape committee, and Ruth Centofante said she would help with the transition. The 2014-2015 HOA president: Karen Bailey.

Landscaping − The new front landscaping added this year was well received, and we would like to continue upgrading. After much discussion, it was decided there are two aspects of how to look at the plan. The first would be general maintenance and up-keep. The second would be enhancing our current landscape design, such as lighting and more plants. Both plans will be needed to keep our neighborhood looking good and maintain our property values. The general up-keep can be done with our current budget, but any upgrades may take a special assessment, as our funds are limited. Chris Kendall will work on a plan and is looking for volunteers and input.

Neighborhood Parties − SUMMER BBQ: the 2nd Sunday after Labor Day, Sept. 14th. It will be held in the lower cul-de-sac as usual. It was suggested that the HOA buy the meats to grill, hot dogs and burgers. Also, because we have many more kids in the neighborhood, we hire Marion Zacha (Giggles) to do face painting. Hopefully, Tom and the band will play. Karen Bailey will organize and send out flyers. WINTER EVENT: At last year’s get-together it was decided that Kim & Cort Maleike and Carleen & Mike will host the casual holiday party. More info to follow.

A reminder that any exterior changes to your home (fences, paint and roofs) need HOA approval. The forms are available on the website or from the HOA president.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Submitted by Susan Wood

Download the Annual Meeting Minutes as a PDF.

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