HOA Documents

All of our most helpful documents in one place.

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Here you’ll find all the documents you need from the Haverhill HOA. Documents range from filings, guidelines and forms are all available for easy access. Simply click the links below to view the PDF, and then save the document to your computer!

» Haverhill HOA CC&R Documents

Haverhill HOA CC&R’s

Haverhill Tract Map
– Shows the boundaries of the Haverhill subdivision and details about the included lots

» Haverhill Resident Tools

Modification Request Form
This form is useful for residents to request approval on various home improvement activities, such as changes to roof, structure, paint color, major landscaping, etc.

Haverhill HOA Architectural Committee Roster (Website)
This HOA ACC roster was approved at the 2017 Annual HOA Meeting and shows when homeowners are scheduled to serve as ACC members.

ACC membership runs for at least one year, ending at the HOA’s annual meeting (usually held in July or August). A household that is identified to serve on the ACC but cannot because of extenuating circumstances is expected to coordinate its own replacement by contacting the next household on the roster. Any replaced household has the option of deferring for one year or paying $200 (in addition to $400/year dues) to the Haverhill HOA in lieu of serving on the ACC.

Road Maintenance Agreement – EagleCrest