HOA Newsletter : S/S 2014

» Landscaping

We hope you are enjoying the new front entrance landscaping. Due to the early cold snap last fall, several of the plants did not make it through the Winter. We are working with 7 Dee’s on Scheduling replacement of these plants, as well as redirecting some sprinkler heads. Additional landscape projects are needed to maintain the neighborhood.

» Annual Homeowners’ Meeting

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 2014 @ 7:00PM
1990 EAGLE CREST  |  503-314-2205

Everyone is encouraged to come, have some wine, chat with your fellow homeowners, and talk about the neighborhood. Topics for discussion : additional landscape projects, summer party, neighborhood garage sale, and whatever is on your mind.

» Join In & Make A Difference

Haverhill HOA needs your help. It’s not hard or time consuming, and it can be fun! New or long-time residents welcome…get to know your neighbors better and make a difference. Board positions are open.

» Don’t Forget About Our Website

You will find the CC&Rs, Request for Modification form, as well as neighborhood information. (Neighborhood web savvy person needed).

Hope to see you all on the 25th! If you can’t attend, please feel free to call me with ideas, opinions, or would like to volunteer.

— Susan Wood

REMINDER : Please pay 2014 Association dues by August 1, 2014. View the invoice here.

Download this newsletter as a PDF.

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