Homeowners Meeting Scheduled

Annual Homeowners Meeting
From 7-8, July 27 at Libels, 6353 Haverhill Ct

  • Meeting Information

HOA meeting Wednesday, July 27th at 7-8PM at Libel household.  Bring questions, requests, complaints, issues.  Discussions will include updates on 2014/2015 special assessment projects

  • Update on Assessment Work

The masonry work will be completed in the coming dry weeks.  We are in process of  working with arborists regarding tree removal.  More details will be provided.

  • Dues

Dues for 2015/2016

$220 HOA dues were due June 1.  Payable to Haverhill HOA, P.O. Box 422, WL, OR 97068

  • Annual Board Members

Volunteers needed to serve on architectural board.  Bryan Libel will continue to serve as President for a second year.  In the event of no volunteers, new committee members will be appointed.

  • Neighborhood Socials

Need 2 volunteer households to host HOA winter social in December the first/second weekend; 1 for appetizers, the other for dessert

The HOA end of summer party date is TBD by the new committee members.

Questions please contact Bryan Libel at blibel@gmx.com/ 503-348-6348

or Tom Taylor at tomt@cyberforms.net/ 503-789-3396